Going to school during the war

Tassoni High School changes function

The new High School named after the writer Alessandro Tassoni, in viale Ricci (today viale Virginia Reiter), was inaugurated in 1941, at the height of the world conflict, by the Minister of National Education Giuseppe Bottai. It immediately became one of the most important schools in the city, despite the difficulties imposed by the war on the education field as well. The bombing of 14th of February 1944, which affected a large area of Modena, caused damage to the high school building, forcing students to hold their classes in other locations.

The school was equipped with an anti-aircraft shelter, which could accommodate around two hundred people and was built in the basement of the building, as the law for modern buildings prescribed, to provide protection in the event of an air attack. The use of schools as anti-aircraft shelters became common in the 1944-45 period, when numerous school buildings housed public shelters in which the population could go in case of need: these included the ‘E. De Amicis’ primary school, the ‘A. Muratori’ high school and the ‘A. Venturi’ technical institute.