Targeting the industry

The case of the Tabacchi Manufacture and other Modenese manufacturing activities

Among the main targets of the air war, there were industrial facilities. The Tabacchi Manufacture was hit during the first bombing raid on 14th of February 1944, when approximately 300 bombs were dropped, mainly hitting the industrial facilities in the Sacca district in the northern part of the city. At the end of the conflict, the Tabacchi Manufacture recorded damages caused by the air raids on at least 40% of its structure. However, activity hardly stopped, some facilities were relocated outside Modena to ensure that production continued without interruption.

The objective of allied bombardments was to militarily weaken the enemy by striking the places where war equipment was produced and transported, so as to stop or slow down supplies and gain a strategic advantage. In Modena, there were numerous ‘auxiliary factories’ engaged in war production on behalf of the Nazi-Fascist forces, including Corni Workshop, Fonderie Riunite, Maserati Workshop and the Auto Avio Ferrari factory.

Operaie della Manifattura Tabacchi al lavoro, anni Trenta

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