Saint Vincent Church

The devastation caused by the bombing on 13th of May 1944

The bombs dropped on Modena on 13th May 1944 mainly hit the city centre and caused serious damages to the artistic and monumental heritage.

Churches in particular were a target: Saint Vincent Church, site of the Este dukes’ tombs, was the target of at least two bombs and was half destroyed, in The Dome the Porta dei Principi and the Lapidario were ruined, in the Church of Saint Domenico the apse, part of the façade and side chapel were destroyed, while the Church of San Salvatore was completely demolished.

The Post Office building and the Notarial Archives were also severely affected, as well as part of the Saint Paul Education Centre and some schools and military hospitals. In the same bombardment, the Ducal Palace, then known as the seat of the Cavalry and Infantry Academy, was also hit: the central balcony and one of the sides of the building were damaged.