Saint Chiara Palace

A gash in the historic city centre

The bombs that fell on the city on May 13th, 1944 and hit mainly the historic city centre, also damaged Saint Chiara Palace, which had been the site of an infantry barracks for years and which at the time housed the Scuola Allievi Ufficiali della Guardia Nazionale Repubblicana (Republican National Guard Cadet School). The palace was hit again on April 18th, 1945, when the last major bombardment that Modena suffered, hit a more limited area than the previous raids, the area around Piazza Sant’Agostino, causing extensive damage.

The building was severely damaged but, at the end of the war, the city administration, which chose to recover the building to make private residences and public spaces out of it, decided not to completely rebuild it, thus leaving visible signs of the damage it had suffered during the war and that still characterise its structure today.