A heritage to be saved

La messa in sicurezza delle opere conservate a Palazzo dei Musei

When Italy entered the war, one of the first concerns was to adequately protect the artistic and cultural heritage of the cities. The main works in the Galleria Estense and Galleria Campori, the Duomo and some of the city’s churches were immediately inventoried and placed in over fifty crates, to be taken far from the city, for fear that they might be destroyed by the bombing.

The most valuable works were hidden in the castle of Guiglia, in the south of Modena, others found shelter in the accommodations set up at the schools of Albareto, in the north of Modena. The works of the Estense library, on the other hand, were transported to the abbey of Torrechiara, in the province of Parma, while those of the Poletti library were partly hidden in the basement of the building, where an air-raid shelter was also located.