Italian Red Cross Committee

The difficult management of the health emergency

At the number 85 of Via Berengario (today the corner of the former Foro Boario and Via Fontanelli) there were the headquarters of the Italian Red Cross Committee, which was responsible for managing all medical aspects related to the aftermath of the air raids by coordinating the various medical units located in the city. Following the bombing, the Red Cross was responsible for sending ambulances and medical personnel to the areas where wounded people had been reported, as well as transporting them to treatment centres.

The main first-aid post was located in Via Selmi, where the Red Cross had tools and materials for medication with which it could provide assistance to numerous injured people, including those in serious condition. In order to provide further assistance in four fascist district groups, located on the outskirts of the city centre, clinics were set up to address those who were only slightly wounded and as a collection point for the injured before they were transported to the hospital.