The war on newspapers

Propaganda in the Emilia’s Gazette pages

The Emilia’s Gazette was the official press organ of the National Fascist Party in Modena and in the years of conflict it became the main amplifier of fascist propaganda. The exaltation of the regime and its exploits, always described as heroic and victorious, was recounted day after day in the pages of the newspaper.

After 8th of September 1943, the newspaper’s headquarters were established in Via Falloppia 10, right in the city centre, from where it gave voice to the propaganda of the Italian Social Republic, on the one hand praising the liaison with Nazi Germany and the importance of respecting the alliance with the Germans, and on the other describing the Allies as aggressors, lacking compassion for the suffering they inflicted on the population. The newspaper was also one of the most important means of broadcasting the rules to be followed in the event of an air attack, the instructions for displacement and food supply, but it was also the means by which the city was informed of the consequences of the raids it was suffering, for which the Anglo-Americans appear to be the only culprits.