The industry at the service of war

The Corni Workshop Case

During the Second World War, Corni Workshop, which in previous years had established itself nationally for the processing of cast iron and the production of parts for automobiles and agricultural machinery, became one of the ‘auxiliary factories’ active in war production. For this reason, it was one of the targets hit during the first bombing raid on Modena, on 14th of February 1944, which hit the northern area of the city, now known as the Sacca district.

Like other important industrial plants, Corni Workshop had shelters where workers had to go when they heard the sound of the alarm siren. First intervention teams, made up of workers, were trained in the factory and called upon after the bombing to ensure the resumption of operations. The consequences of the bombing were severe: the 48 bombs that exploded on the factory caused damage to 80% of the buildings and 30% of the machinery and work equipment.