The Railway Staion

A crucial node for the conflict

The railway station, like the main infrastructures in the province, was one of the main targets of bombing raids. With the aim of damaging the communication routes and supplies of the Nazi-Fascists, the station was severely hit on February 14th, 1944, when Modena suffered its first major aerial bombardment. It was again the target of bombs in the following months, in particular with the raid of June 22nd, 1944, when bombs damaged parked wagons and railway equipment, blocking train circulation.

In the midst of the conflict, railway circulation was indispensable, not only for the transportation of weapons, but also to ensure food supplies and enable the movement of refugees. The station was therefore not only a crucial for the conflict but for civilian life as well and its breakdown affected the population and its daily activities.

Casa dei ferrovieri, in via Galvani, distrutta dai bombardamenti del 14 febbraio 1944

[Fonte: Archivio
ANCR, Istituto storico di Modena]