Modena in the face of war

The Provincial Anti-Aircfraft Protection Committee (CPPA)

During the conflict, the Provincial Committee for Anti-Aircraft Protection (CPPA) was active at the precinct, with the task of coordinating every aspect of protecting the city from enemy incursions. Following Italy’s entry into the war, the CPPA went into action to deal with the distribution of gas masks and to supervise the proper construction of shelters, both inside private buildings and in public places and factories.

As the conflict intensifies, the CPPA took on a central role as it was in charge of coordinating the first-aid teams, which were called in to provide assistance immediately after the bombing, and those tasked with collecting unexploded ordnance. The CPPA was also directly involved in managing the activities for clearing rubble, reporting damage, organising the work to provide relief to the wounded and identifying the dead.