The National Union Anti-Aircraft Protection

The city prepares for emergency

The National Union Anti-Aircraft Protection (UNPA), founded in 1934 with the aim of ensuring the protection of civilians in emergency situations, was the operational unit ready to intervene in the event of a bombing. UNPA had its headquarters in Via Mondatora, 4 (today No. 10), right in the centre of Modena. The first intervention squad was called to intervene immediately after the air raids in a coordinated operation with the squads organised by the fascist party and deployed in the district groups and the squads organised inside the factories.

Modena was divided into six intervention zones with corresponding first aid teams and together with the CPPA, UNPA organised periodic drills for them, it ensured continuous equipment and material supplies to enable them to rescue the population and it issued the rules to be observed in order to act promptly and effectively during air raids.